Year Awarded: 2010
Hall of Fame Moments

Shane Warne's ball to dismiss Mike Gatting in 1993

SHANE Warne created cricket history when he stepped up to the bowling crease in a 1993 English Test match, and bowled the ball that dismissed Mike Gatting.

"In many ways I'm still not sure exactly how I managed to produce that ball as my first in Test cricket in England," he said of a ball that bowled the English batsman.

"I usually start with my stock ball, the leg-break, and I usually try to spin it fairly hard. That's the way I bowl so that's the way I start. With the ball to Gatting all I tried to do was pitch on about leg stump and spin it a fair way. As it left my hand it felt just about perfect. "I knew I'd bowled 'Gatt' ... but it was not until I saw a replay in the lunch break that I fully realised how much it had done."

Warne said of the moment: "It certainly was a standout moment in my career. It sort of put me well and truly on the cricketing map. I still smile when I think of it."

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