Year Awarded: 2003
Sport: Rugby Union
Team Sport Australia Award

Wallabies (Rugby Union) - 1908

The first Australian Team to tour Britain and the first Australian Team to be called the “Wallabies”. In winning the Gold Medal for Rugby at the 1908 Olympics, they became the only Australian team to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Rugby Union and the first Australian Team to win an Olympic Gold Medal for a team event in any sport.

British Tour

H M Moran

Team Members: H M Moran (Captain), F Wood, C H McKivat, P P Carmichael, W Dix, C Russell, H F Daly, D B Carroll, J J Hickey, A J M McCabe, F Bede Smith, E F Mandible, C E Parkinson, W S Prentice, J M Stevenson, T S Griffin, J T Barnett, C A Hammand, E J McIntyre, M McArthur, P A McCue, P H B Burge, S A Middleton, C McMurtrie, N E Row, R R Craig, T J Richards, P Flanagan, A B Burge, K A Gavin.

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