Year Awarded: 2005
Sport: Equestrian
Team Sport Australia Award

Australian Equestrian Team 1996 (Equestrian) - 1996

Australia’s winning equestrian team in Atlanta, which included two gold medallists from the previous Games in Barcelona --- Andrew Hoy and Gillian Rolton --- was notable not only for its riding skill. It also set exemplary standards of raw courage. Wendy Schaeffer, at 21 Australia’s youngest equestrian gold medallist ever, rode with a broken leg --- suffered in training two months before. She was in pain for most of the three-day event, but still finished on top of the overall table. (At previous Games this would have entitled her to a second gold medal). Gillian Rolton had two crushing falls in the cross-country section, suffering broken collarbone and broken ribs --- but remounted to finish the course. Phillip Dutton finished second to Schaeffer on the points table and Hoy was fourth --- enabling Australia to win by 57 points from the US.

Olympic Games, Atlanta

Team Members: Phillip Dutton, Andrew Hoy, Gillian Rolton, Wendy Schaeffer

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