Year Awarded: 2013
Sport: Squash
Team Sport Australia Award

Men's World Championship Squash Team (Squash) - 1971

It was a golden age for the sport in Australia. Members of this team established themselves as the greatest the nation has produced by dominating world squash for five years, and winning a record three world championships --- in 1967 (Australia), 1969 (England)  and 1971 (New Zealand).

Ken Hiscoe and Richard Carter were the veterans, having won world titles with other partners in 1962/63 (England), 1963 (South Africa) and --- after being joined by Geoff Hunt --- in 1964 (England). In 1967 Cam Nancarrow joined the world-record-breaking squad (which was captained by Hiscoe), and continued as a member of the Australian team which won the world title again in 1973. Hunt, who won the British Open eight times between 1969 and 1981, was ranked as the world’s No 1 squash player from 1975 to 1980.

Since 1967 Australia has won the men’s team world championship eight times.

World Championships


Ken Hiscoe

Team Members:

Ken Hiscoe, Geoff Hunt, Cameron Nancarrow, Richard Carter

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