Year Awarded: 2014
Sport: Softball
Team Sport Australia Award

1965 Women's Softball Team (Softball) - 1965

Australia’s 1965 softball team holds the irremovable honor of being the first official world softball champions.  Though there had been international competitions before, the International Softball Federation first  staged an official world championship series in 1965, with Melbourne the host city. The usually dominant USA was clear favorite, but the Australians defeated them 1-0 in the final. Australia’s Lorraine Woolley was voted player of the series.  Though Australia won silver in 1998 and bronze in ’74 and ’82 the ’65 team remains our only world champions. 

World Championships


Myrtle Edwards (Head Coach)


Gladys Phillips (Captain)

Team Members:

Lorraine Woolley(Vice Captain), Norma Allsopp, Margaret Dodds, Rita Gherardin, Elinor McKenzie, Helena Meehan, Nina Menner, Midge Nelson BEM, Judy Pizaro, Marjorie Scott, Margaret Swann, Sandra Sommerville, Nancy Whittingham, Audrey McLaughlin (Assistant Coach), Merle Short (Manager), Bess Dornan (Scorer)

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