General Members

Membership for General Members was established to recognise those who have shown excellence and had outstanding achievements in roles supportive to sports participants (administration, coaching/training, sports media/history, sports science/technology).

Download printable / PDF version here: General Members List - by Category

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Name Sport Year Inducted Info
Coates AC, Mr John Administration - Olympics 1993
Coffa AM, Mr Sam 'Salvatore' Administration - Commonwealth Games/Weightlifting 2018
Coles AM, Mr Phillip Administration - Canoeing 1993
Collins OAM, Mr William 'Bill' Media - Horse Racing 1996
Cometti AM, Mr Dennis Sports Media 2019
Coombes, Mr Richard Administration - Athletics 1992
Corbett, Mr Claude Media 1992
Corrigan AM, Dr Brian Sports Medicine 1999
Cotterell, Mr Denis Coach - Swimming 2014
Cotton, Dr Frank Sports Science - Swimming 1989
Crosswhite AM, Mr Perry Administration 2003
Cummings AM, Mr Bart Trainer - Horse Racing 1991 Legend
Curlewis CVO CBE, Sir Adrian Administration - Surf Life Saving 1990
Daly AM, Mr Garry Administration | Founder The Sport Australia Hall of Fame 1988
Davies, Ms Judy Joy Media 2011
Davis, Mr John Corbett 'J C' Media 1990
de Mestre, Mr Etienne Trainer - Horse Racing 1992
Deason OBE, Ms Esther Administration - Softball 1994
Donaldson, Mr Noel Coach - Rowing 1999
Dunn OAM, Mr James 'Jim' Administration - Equestrian 2004
Dwyer AM, Mr Robert 'Bob' Coach - Rugby Union 1991
Team Award
Earp OAM, Mr Charles Coach - Golf 1990
Ellicott AC, The Hon RJ Bob Administration 2016
Elphinston OAM, Mr Robert 'Bob' Administration - Olympics & Basketball 2006
Ferguson MBE, Ms June Coach - Athletics 1989
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When considering the stature of an athlete or for that matter any person, I set great store in certain qualities which I believe to be essential in addition to skill. They are that the person conducts his of her life with dignity, with integrity, courage, and perhaps most of all, with modesty. These virtues are totally compatible with pride, ambition, and competitiveness.