Date Inducted: 15 Dec 1987
Sport: Gliding
Hall Of Fame

Ingo Renner OAM - Gliding

Born in West Germany, Ingo Renner is undisputedly Australia's greatest exponent of gliding. He migrated to Australia in 1967, following his career as a shipwright, and in 1971 became an Australian citizen. He joined the Sportavia Soaring Centre as chief flying instructor in 1971 and since then has accumulated a total of 26,000 hours, 21,000 of which have been as an instructor. He has trained hundreds of glider pilots.

Renner has won the national gliding championships 16 times, seven times in open class, twice in the 15m class and seven times in standard class. He has won numerous international events, including the Smirnoff Derby (USA) in 1977, Austraglide 1986, the Hitachi Masters of Soaring (USA) in 1987, and the Tour Lilienthal (Germany) in 1991. He has held almost every Australian gliding record.

Renner won the standard class world championship at Rayskala, Finland, in 1976, and followed with world championship wins in the open class at Hobbs, New Mexico in 1983, at Rieti Italy in 1985, and at Benalla Australia in 1987. One world record which has earned him inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records is his 100 kilometers triangle of 195.3 kilometers per hour.

Inspiration: "Do your homework first by practice, then use patience and preseverance"

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