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11th Oct 2007

The Hall of Fame announces 9 new Scholarships.

To help young Australians reach the highest level of their sport, our Scholarship program, now in its second year, provides encouragement and funding over 12 months. More importantly, it provides the holders with unrivalled access to and mentoring from Sport Hall of Fame Members - surely no greater way to inspire sports people to fulfill their potential.

With the support of the Victorian Government in funding three Victorian Scholarships, the Hall awarded 9 Scholarships across five states.

Aaron Fyfe - Squash - South Australia
Josephine Tomic - Cycling - Western Australia
Emmajo Grahame - Water Polo - Victoria
Joe Ingles - Basketball - Victoria
Mitchell Estens - Rowing - New South Wales
Isabella Holland - Tennis - Queensland
Max Taylor - Sailing - Victoria
Patrick Mills - Basketball - ACT
Aaron Rouge-Serret - Athletics - Victoria

Each recipient receives $5000 cash to assist with their training, travel and sport related expenses and are paired with a 'mentor' and a 'hero' as well as the opportunity to participate in leadership and development programs. The Hall congratulates the 9 young Australians and looks forward to sharing in their success in their sporting life.

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