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27th Nov 2007

National Sports Museum

The National Sports Museum to be located in the MCG will officially be opened on March 13, 2008. The museum will be the home of a number of sport exhibitions including the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Australian Rules Football, Cricket Hall of Fame, MCC Museum, MCG Exhibition, Olympic Exhibition and an Extreme and Multi Sports Exhibition. Visitors to the MCG will be able to undertake tours of the Museum.

The new Museum and sports entertainment centre opens from the Concourse of the MCG. The museum exhibition area is to be located downstairs from the entrance. A way finding display is located centrally at the base of the arrival escalator, an area called The Arena. Five principal sports galleries will lead off The Arena - Football, Cricket, Olympics, Extreme Sports and the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

The Sport Australia Hall of Fame is a dedicated gallery of about 100 square metres. clearly identified with its own entry portal. The Hall will commemorate SAHOF Members and awards, and will include interactive video screens allowing visitors to access specific achievements of each Hall of Fame Member. SAHOF is proud to have been a catalyst along with the MCC in obtaining funding for the Museum

The Museum is a most exciting concept for our great sport loving city and a must see for any visitor to Melbourne and the famous MCG.

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