Year Awarded: 2008
Sport: Water Polo
Scholarship Holders

Emmajo Grahame - Water Polo

From early in her water polo career Emmajo has demontrated a natural talent for and understanding of the game. She has displayed outstanding commitment to her development as an elite water polo player.

Emmajo's list of achievement over the last few years has been outstanding particularly in light of her young age (16 years). They include winning the Monash University Water Polo Club U/20 best player award at the age of 13, winning the highest goal scorer awards at various national age championships and playing in the Victoria Tigers National League Team which is effectively Victoria's state team. Emmajo also trains with the Victorian Elite Development Centre and made the Australian U/16, despite having another year of eligibility.

Emmajo has not only achieved in water polo but has also won state medals in surf lifesaving, triathalon and cyling. Academically, Emmajo has performed well above her peer group completing a number of VCE subjects while in Year 10. Emmajo's goal is to represent Australia at the Olympics in water polo and no doubt with the ability and commitment she has already shown she is well on her way to being an outstanding international water polo player.

Mentor:  Debbie Watson OAM
Hero:  Kevan Gosper AO

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