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Jake Rynne was awarded a Tier 2 Scholarship within the 2022 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program.

Jake was born in Dalby QLD, and was enthralled with playing Lawn Bowls at the young age of 5 years old.

This started in kindergarten who would have excursions to the local bowls club one afternoon a week which, beside nap time, was Jake’s favourite part of the day. His other favourite thing to do watch the Bowls Australia broadcast ‘Jack High’ program on Channel 7.

Jake and his grandpa would both sit, bright eyes barely blinking so they didn’t miss a minute of their favourite show. Jake’s grandpa proved to be the driving factor for Jake’s bowls over the next several years as they played local competitions together which pathed the way to the next step for Jake.

In 2011, at age eight, Jake met Keith Malthouse which laid the foundations to Jake’s success today. Keith mentored Jake for several years with practice sessions several times a week and the introduction to tournaments all over south-east Queensland.

Jakes first major achievement came in 2014 when, after a stellar QLD Junior State Championships, he was selected in the State junior team. This selection made Jake the youngest person ever to be selected at just ten years old.

Jake then met four-time world champion, Ian Schuback, who took Jake under his wing for the next couple of years, introducing him to Division 1 Pennant on the Sunshine Coast. Ian took Jake to a new level and taught, mentally and physically, what it would take to make a top ranked bowler.

Jake was a mainstay in the QLD junior team by the time he was 12 years old (2015) until he was 17 years old (2020) with only one season as a non-selected athlete (2015).

In 2015, Jake met his coach, who remains his coach to this day, Greg Bostock. Their partnership excelled and Jake started to make his mark in the bowling community.

He was selected in the Australian Junior Jackaroos in 2016 and then won a National Junior gold and bronze medal in 2017 along with the prestigious Junior Golden Nugget triumph in 2018.

Since 2018, Jake has won multiple national Junior medals and 3 state open men’s runner ups to his name along with the 2020 State Champion of Champion singles title.

These accomplishments have led to his inclusion in the Australian emerging Jackaroos team since 2019 and the great opportunity to represent them at the most recent international event, the Trans-Tasman series which Australia white-washed.

By 2021, Jake was senior Nationally ranked #4 and nationally junior ranked #1.

Jake is not only a bowls champion with ambitions to promote bowls, but he is also an automotive diesel fuel technician with aspirations to study engineering through the air force whilst pursuing his Lawn Bowling career.

“To be a successful Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship applicant for 2022 means so much more to me than just the financial aid that the program boasts. The use of the brand Sport Australia Hall of Fame and their overwhelming support will be the biggest benefit to me and my sport of Lawn Bowls. This means that I can not only promote myself up the lawn bowls ladder but also give Bowls the recognition it deserves as a major national and international sport that Australia dominates in. To gain access to the wisdom of SAHOF Members is also another huge benefit that means a lot to me. Their knowledge on how to be a professional athlete and make a career out of it, as well as a professional good person that people are drawn towards is something that I endeavour to learn so much about.” – Jake Rynne on being selected as a 2022 Tier 2 Scholarship Holder.


  • 2017: National Junior Championships – Pairs winner
  • 2018: Junior Golden Nugget – winner
  • 2019: Australian Open – Men’s singles quarter finalist
  • 2019: National Junior Championships – Singles and triples runner up
  • 2020: Trans-Tasman – Series winner
  • 2020: QLD COC – Men’s singles winner
  • 2020 QLD PL – Winner
  • 2020 QLD Division 1 – Pennant winner

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