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Kyle Willis was awarded a Tier 2 Scholarship within the 2022 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program.

Kyle was born at the King George V Memorial Hospital in Sydney via emergency caesarean. The surgery was performed due to the detection of a low fetal heart rate. Kyle’s immediate and long-term outlook upon delivery was considered poor and the medical team and his family prepared themselves for the worst. Kyle didn’t receive the same message, as soon as he arrived, he began exceeding everyone’s expectations. It’s probably fair to say that this trend has continued to date.

Kyle embraces life and almost immediately displayed enthusiastic and an exuberant approach to his interests and passions. His speech was developmentally delayed due to the brain damage suffered at his birth so he created his own sign language and would perform elaborate pantomimes to communicate jokes and explain himself to others.

Kyle’s disability hasn’t stopped him from loving, competing and excelling in sport nor does he shy away. Even from a young age Kyle has been extremely social and fearless when approaching others. Once he was able to walk, he wanted to play sport. At first it was soccer then athletics and finally, he found his passion in cycling.

Initially Kyle would slog along making his wobbly way around the field or track, but he was never deterred by poor performances and would diligently apply himself to improving.

In 2015, after seeing the cycling Grand Tours on TV he decided he wanted to try this as well. Despite many crashes, he persevered with his cycling by himself. To minimize the grazed knees and elbows his parents decided to enroll him in a local club so he could at least learn some basic bike handling skills.

In 2016, Kyle joined the Moreton Bay Cycling Club for both track and road and has progressed from strength to strength.

By the time Kyle completed year 12 (2019), his soccer team had won two championships, he was the school cross-country champion and had a placed at the National Athletics Championships.

In 2021 Kyle signed with the Queensland Academy of Sport, placed second at the National Championships Individual time trial, two second places at the UCI Para-Track GP in both the 1km and 3km ITT.

2021 was another successful year for Kyle. He won gold at the UCI Lakeside Road time trial, two firsts in round two and three at the Queensland individual Time Trial. His biggest moment for 2021 was winning the National Para-Cycling C3 Track Flying 200m and broke the Queensland all comers Record and Queensland State Championship. This result secured him as the #1 National Junior and #2 National Senior for the C3 men (track and road).

Kyle is as successful off the bike as he is on. A Paralympian hopeful, Kyle speaks fluent Japanese and aspires to coach athletics and cycling with a specialty in para-athletes. He would like to continue to encourage young and disabled people about the advantages and opportunities presented by sport.

“Turn up, warm up and go for it 😊

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program. As well as teaching valuable training and competition techniques, this program also provides a unique opportunity to obtain advice and knowledge for aspiring athletes. I believe that I would find this to be immensely helpful to prepare me for my future career challenges as well as to develop a better personal perspective on my sport. I am quite excited at the prospect of being able to talk directly with current and ex-athletes who have had successful careers at the highest levels.” –  Kyle Willis on being selected as a 2022 Tier 2 Scholarship Holder.


  • 2020: National Road Championships – 2nd
  • 2020: National Championships – 2nd, Individual Time Trial
  • 2020: UCI Para-Track GP 1km ITT, Brisbane – 2nd
  • 2020: UCI Para-Track GP 3km ITT, Brisbane – 2nd
  • 2021: UCI Lakeside – 1st, Time Trial (Road)
  • 2021: Queensland Individual Time Trial – 1st, Round 3
  • 2021: Queensland Individual Time Trial – 1st, Round 2
  • 24 of January 2020 National Para-Cycling C3 Track Flying 200m – 1st and Broke Australian Record, Time Trial




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