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Poppy Starr Olsen was awarded a Scholarship within the 2018 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program and was paired with athlete Member Layne Beachley AO as her mentor.

Born on June 1, 2000 in Newcastle NSW, Poppy was first handed a skateboard at the age of eight from a childhood friend and has been rolling onwards and upwards ever since. The proud Bondi Beach local turned professional as a sixteen-year-old before being named school captain of Bronte Public School and later becoming a student at the University of Newcastle. Poppy won her first skating contest as a nine-year-old and in 2012 was recognised as one of the top twelve most influential female skaters in the world… at thirteen.

The leading lady of Australian skateboarding continued to follow her passion throughout her adolescent years, dominating domestic competitions whilst also being a consistent podium threat at the international level. Poppy has been apart of global tours alongside skating hero Tony Hawk, skated demos at the Australian Grand Prix and is a proud sponsor of Vans, OJ Wheels and Ride TSG.

Aside from an extensive list of skating achievements that includes a bronze medal at the 2017 X Games competition; the ultimate skating competition, Poppy is quite artistic also and was awarded a street art award by the Waverly Council. In addition, she is also a pianist, nipper at the Bondi Lifesaving Club, completed a ‘kidpreneur’ business course in order to create her own website where she makes and sells art, jewellery and decks to finance her travels and is known for her TED Talk as a fourteen-year-old.

In 2021, Poppy featured and released her movie ‘Tall Poppy – A Skater’s Story’ which documents Poppy’s journey intimately as she navigates the uncomfortable idea of what it means to be a competitive athlete, the complexities of a relationship with a mum turned manager and finding her place in a male-dominated industry.

Poppy made her Olympic debut, along with her sport making its debut, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games where she placed fifth.

Awards, Honours & Achievements

  • 2014: Exposure Amateur U14 Vertical – 1st
  • 2014: Exposure Amateur U14 Bowl – 1st
  • 2015: Girls Combi Pool Classic Amateur 15+ – 1st
  • 2015: El Gato Amateur 15+ Finals – 1st
  • 2015: Exposure Amateur 15+ Bowl – 2nd
  • 2015: Exposure Amateur 15+ Vertical – 1st
  • 2016: Girls Combi Pool Classic Pro – 1st
  • 2016: Women’s Australian Bowl Riding Championship – 1st
  • 2017: X Games Minneapolis – 3rd
  • 2017: Women’s El Gato Classic – 2nd
  • 2017: Women’s Bowl a Rama Bondi Finals – 3rd
  • 2017: Women’s Australian Bowl Riding Championships – 1st
  • 2017: Women’s Vans Park Series Oceania Continental Championship Finals – 1st
  • 2017: Women’s Australian National Vertical Championships – 1st
  • 2017: Women’s Vertical World Championships – 1st
  • 2017: Women’s King of Concrete, Five Docks – 1st
  • 2017: Women’s King of Concrete, Newcastle – 1st
  • 2017: Women’s King of Concrete, Noble Park Big Bowl – 1st
  • 2018: Women’s Australia Bowl Riding Championships – 1st
  • 2018: Women’s Bowlzilla Gold Coast Finals – 1st
  • 2018: Women’s Vans Park Series Oceania Continental Championship Finals – 1st
  • 2018: Women’s RedBull Bowl Rippers Final – 1st
  • 2018: Women’s Park World Championship – 1st
  • 2019: Women’s King of Concrete, Prahan – 1st
  • 2019: Women’s King of Concrete, Noble Park – 1st
  • 2019: Women’s Vans Park Series Oceania Continental Championship Finals – 1st
  • 2019: Women’s RedBull Bowl Rippers Final – 1st
  • 2020: Skate Australia National Park Championships, Open Final – 1st
  • 2020 (2021): Tokyo Olympic Games – Debut, Park, 5th


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