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Mentee & Mentor First Meeting

SAHOF will arrange the first meeting between you and your Mentor via Zoom, then the first face to face meeting will follow shortly after (where possible with schedule alignments).

After this, it is the Scholarship Holder’s responsibility to value your Mentor’s time, experience and desire to help to ensure regular catch ups are arranged.

We encourage face-to-face meetings (where possible) on a regular basis and regular contact to be made via email/phone/text/Zoom/Facetime, etc.

SAHOF will always assist in this space where required.

During your first meeting:

  1. Set the parameters

    • Get the housekeeping out of the way early. Talk about how often you’re available to meet, how you prefer to communicate, etc.

  2. Introductions

    • Give your Mentor a more in-depth overview of your experience and career highlights. They will have already read your bio, so delve deeper into anything you feel comfortable with.

  3. Goal Setting
    • Reflect on what skills you already possess, and skills you would like to develop further.
    • Potential discussion points:
      • Current skills
      • Current weaknesses
      • Support you already receive
      • Short and long term goals
      • Life outside of sport
      • Areas for Mentor support
        • Dealing with the media/public speaking
        • How to attract Sponsors
        • How to cope with nerves pre-competition
        • Nutrition advice
        • Life outside of sport
        • Friend/confidant outside of your own sport
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