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About Mentoring

Mentoring is about

  • Connecting the past with the present to define the future
  • Growing from the experience and learning from the best
  • Developing insight to turn hindsight into foresight
  • An alliance that creates a space for dialogue that results in reflection, action and learning

Do not underestimate the influence the Mentor can have on nurturing and developing the Scholarship Holder. SAHOF Member Mentors are high achievers who have reached the top of their sport through hard work and strong values and have invaluable experience and advice to share.

It is a significant opportunity that will allow the Mentor to share their experiences and to encourage positive life choices as well as assisting the Scholarship Holder to identify/clarify clear personal goals.

Mentee Roles

While your Mentor will take on a commitment to be involved in regular interactions with you, this is a two-way relationship and you, as the Scholarship Holder, are encouraged to help drive the relationship and make contact directly with your Mentor.

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Be actively involved in utilising your Mentor. They will be an invaluable resource for guidance for you
  • Appreciate the commitment your Mentor is making and value their time
  • Maintain contact with your Mentor and work at keeping the lines of communication open, even when travelling
  • Seek feedback and accept responsibility for your own decisions and performance
  • Be prepared for all meetings/sessions with your Mentor
  • Be a sponge! Make the most of this opportunity and learn as much as you possibly can

If engaged in the Program, the Mentee will:

  • Develop independent thinking
  • Learn organisational skills
  • Develop ways to deal with highs and lows
  • Develop ways to deal with pressure when on the world stage
  • Become empowered
  • Develop a trustworthy friendship with your Mentor, knowing you have a confidant there at any time
  • Learn from your Mentors skills and experiences
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