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Q&A with Brad McGee

SAHOF Member Brad McGee OAM (Cycling) shares his experience as a Mentor to Oliver Moran (BMX) throughout the 2021 Scholarship & Mentoring Program.

Q. What do you think the ‘secret’ is to a good relationship between Mentor and Mentee?
A. Keeping an open mind and remain curious. The relationship will be unique so keeping an open mind as to how it will take shape, the pace, timing, frequency and style of interactions is important.

Q. What were the struggles/obstacles you faced and how did you overcome them?
A. Meeting in person! Our mentorship relationship was very much covid effected and now thankfully this challenge remains but for the right reasons as Oli has finally realised his long awaited goal of hitting the European circuit.

Q. What were the benefits of Mentoring someone from a different sport?
A. It’s like opening a whole new chapter of life! It’s still ‘sport’ so it’s not like you feel overwhelmed but the curiosity to learn and understand is matched by constant insight and “wow…. I had no idea …..” moments.

Q. What were the challenges of Mentoring someone from a different sport?
A. Imposter syndrome. “What gives me the right to talk BMX”!? This challenge swiftly became an opportunity and brought perspective and curiosity to our discussions.

Q. What is one way that mentoring has changed your professional or personal life?
A. It really helps with self-reflection and to be more aware of what knowledge, experience, and character you hold that could be of benefit for a young person aspiring to master their chosen field. It is really quite energising also as in a way you relive the aspirations you once held yourself at a similar age and gives you an ability to share the response to an often-asked question “What would you tell your younger self…?”.

Q. What tips or advice would you give to a new Mentor?
A. The trick is to limit ‘telling’ anything and seek to support the mentee through curious questions and perspective sharing that will enable them to find and strengthen their own journey. That’s the exciting thing – you get front row seats and a ticket to contribute to an exciting new journey of high-performance endeavour taking shape.

Brad McGee with Oliver Moran & Oli's family dog
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