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Tier 2 Documents

Please see below resources for all Tier 2 Scholarship Holders.

The acquittal form and report are online forms that will automatically be sent to Bonnie when submitted.

  • Scholarship Agreement
    • Please read, understand, complete (online), sign and return (via submit button at end of the form)
    • Due no later than August 2 however, the sooner the better
  • Bi-Monthly Report
    • Due on the 1st of every second month
      • Due dates: December 1 2022, February 1 2023, April 1 2023, June 1 2023, August 1 2023, October 1 2023
    • A final report is due December 10, 2023 – a separate file will be sent to you prior to this as it differs to the generic bi-monthly report template
  • Acquittal/Reimbursement Form
    • 100% interactive with ability to attach all associated tax receipts/invoices
    • Please ensure they are tax receipts/invoices (If purchased from an Australian company, it must have an ABN on it)
    • You do not need to submit the full $5,000 at once, you can submit one receipt at a time or multiple
      • If sending multiple receipts, only one acquittal form is required however, all tax receipts must be itemised on acquittal form

Please contact Bonnie Elliott if you have any issues with the above links or any questions.

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