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2023 Scholarship & Mentoring Program Tier 3 Scholarship Holders Announced
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The Sport Australia Hall of Fame (SAHOF) today announced the remaining 16 scholarships for up-and-coming elite athletes in its 2023 Scholarship and Mentoring Program.

The Tier 3 scholarship group covers 16 different sports, with each athlete receiving a grant of $2,500 plus support from SAHOF and its esteemed member base over the next 15 months.

The 2023 Tier 3 scholarship recipients are Paige Barr (rowing), Breanna Collins (shooting), Kaitlyn Ea (badminton), Ashleigh Ervin (netball), Joseph Glasson (fencing), Hugo Hinckfuss (skiing – cross country), Genevieve Janse van Rensburg (modern pentathlon), Aidan Murphy (athletics), Katinka  Penketh (taekwondo), Jamie Perkins (swimming and surf lifesaving), Toby Powers (triathlon), Jasmine Rayward (swimming, paddle and surf lifesaving), Kate Rosman (diving), Jacob Roulstone (motorsport – bike), Oliver Saxton (weightlifting) and Philip Sekulic (tennis).

Over the last three weeks, 32 Sport Australia Hall of Fame scholarships covering 28 sports have been announced, supporting the next generation of Australia’s sporting stars on their journey to excellence and success in sport and in life.

As the nation’s leading sports scholarship program, backed by the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport, $150,000 of funding has been awarded this year to the recipients for use on resources to help them achieve greatness in their chosen sport.

2023 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Tier 3 Scholarship Holders

Name State DOB Sport
Paige Barr VIC  31/5/2001 Rowing
Breanna Collins QLD  4/10/2002 Shooting
Kaitlyn Ea VIC  25/6/2003 Badminton
Ashleigh Ervin QLD  15/5/2003 Netball
Joseph Glasson NSW  24/1/2006 Fencing
Hugo Hinckfuss NSW  6/3/2003 Skiing – Cross Country
Genevieve Janse van Rensburg NSW  24/3/2004 Modern Pentathlon
Aidan Murphy SA  14/10/2003 Athletics
Katinka Penketh VIC  11/3/2005 Taekwondo
Jamie Perkins QLD  19/1/2005 Multi – Swimming, Surf Life Saving
Tobias ‘Toby’ Powers QLD  23/4/2003 Triathlon
Jasmine Rayward QLD  8/9/2006 Multi – Swimming, Paddle, Surf Lifesaving
Kate Rosman QLD  5/1/2002 Diving
Jacob Roulstone NSW  4/2/2005 Motorsport – Bike
Oliver Saxton WA  16/2/2003 Weightlifting
Philip Sekulic QLD  5/9/2003 Tennis

Please click here for more information including National Sporting Organisation CEO/Chair quotes, Scholarship Holder and Mentor quotes.

On receiving her scholarship, 17-year-old multi-sport athlete Jasmine Rayward said: “It’s amazing to be supported in my sporting journey. I feel like I’m actually an athlete, rather than just a recreational participant, and I really appreciate having all my training and achievements acknowledged by the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship program.”

Sport Australia Hall of Fame Chief Executive Officer, Adrianne Sarkozy, said: “The Scholarship and Mentoring Program is truly unique. We are so grateful to be able to provide, for the third year in a row, 32 scholarships that not only receive financial support but exclusive online meetings with Sport Australia Hall of Fame members as guest speakers.

“We received over two hundred applicants from an array of sports, Olympic, para and professional, along with new sports that have never been a part of the program, such as badminton. This is a testament to the popularity and importance of the program. We welcome all 32 athletes into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame family, and I am sure they will find support, guidance, and enjoy the opportunities that come from aligning with us.”

2023 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship Holders

First Name Surname Date of Birth Sport Tier
Claire Colwill 19/09/2003 Hockey 1
Stefan Elliott-Shircore 18/03/2003 Sailing 1
Mackenzie Mielczarek 6/02/2003 Athletics 1
Jesse Parkinson 28/06/2005 Snowboarding 1
Alyssa Polites 2/02/2003 Cycling 1
Max Stagg 30/03/2004 Baseball 1
Claudia Bailey 14/01/2005 Canoe/Kayak & Surf Life Saving 2
Jeffrey Dunne 10/10/2007 Breaking 2
Tenealle Fasala 20/03/2002 Water Polo 2
Angus Hincksman 31/05/2005 Athletics (Para) 2
Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva 4/03/2002 Gymnastics 2
Yangzi Liu 6/06/2002 Table Tennis 2
Lekeisha Pergoliti 20/04/2002 Boxing 2
Cameron Rogers 16/12/2004 Cycling 2
Alex Saffy 1/10/2005 Swimming (Para) 2
Dylan Soin 12/06/2006 Sport Climbing 2
Paige Barr 31/05/2001 Rowing 3
Breanna Collins 4/10/2002 Shooting 3
Kaitlyn Ea 25/06/2003 Badminton 3
Ashleigh Ervin 15/05/2003 Netball 3
Joseph Glasson 24/01/2006 Fencing 3
Hugo Hinckfuss 6/03/2003 Skiing – Cross Country 3
Genevieve Janse van Rensburg 24/03/2004 Modern Pentathlon 3
Aidan Murphy 14/10/2003 Athletics 3
Katinka Penketh 11/03/2005 Taekwondo 3
Jamie Perkins 19/01/2005 Multi – Swimming, Surf Life Saving 3
Tobias Powers 23/04/2003 Triathlon 3
Jasmine Rayward 8/09/2006 Multi – Swimming, Canoe/Kayak, Surf Lifesaving 3
Kate Rosman 5/01/2002 Diving 3
Jacob Roulstone 4/02/2005 Motorsport – Bike 3
Oliver Saxton 16/02/2003 Weightlifting 3
Philip Sekulic 5/09/2003 Tennis 3


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