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Angus Grenfell is a motorcycle road racer who was awarded a Tier 3 Scholarship within the 2024 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program.

Angus was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2006. From a very young age, he loved anything on wheels and loved going fast as he was riding a skateboard at the age of two and a push bike at three. Angus began riding motorcycles at the age of three and was addicted from the very start, the first bike he rode was his uncle’s old 1980s Honda Z50.

His family took him to training tracks every weekend so that he could practice and improve his riding. Initially, Angus started racing Motocross in Victorian club events in 2013, he liked competing but was still looking for something more. In Dirt/Flat Track he discovered a new passion, it was all about how fast you could get around the track and there were only four laps to do it in. In February of 2014, Angus began his racing career in Dirt Track. He enjoyed competing in events all over Australia, making new friends, and putting 110% into every race and practice day. He won many state and club championships between 2014 to 2018.

When he started road racing in 2018, Angus’s natural ability on two wheels and the skills he acquired from Dirt Track put him in a solid position. This led him to achieve 2nd overall for the Oceania Junior Cup in its inaugural year, 2019. He also won the Victorian State Championship as well as club championships in 2019 and was named Junior Clubman of the Year.

At the end of 2019, Angus attended both the Red Bull Rookies and Asia Talent Cup selection events. Although he was unsuccessful in the 2020 season, he learned a great deal during his travels and used these experiences to grow as a person and a racer, both mentally and physically. 2020 was very limited with racing opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, Angus was part of the GTR MotoStars Supersport 300 team as a satellite rider for the ASBK National Championship. He found this year very challenging as he broke his tibia and fibula in a training accident in January and then his humerus in a racing incident in June. In August of 2021, he was signed to ride with Artbox Team in the 2022 Hawkers European Talent Cup.

In February 2022 Angus and his mother packed their bags and headed off to Spain, so he could pursue his dream of competing internationally with the best racers in the world. This was a big year of firsts: a new country, a new team, a new language, a new championship, and even new friends. Angus used this year to learn and gain experience in racing at such a high level.

Angus’ team boss was impressed with the way he applied himself on and off the track, his willingness to listen and apply feedback and his determination to improve; and offered Angus the opportunity to race in FIM JuniorGP World Championship for the 2023 season. Angus had a difficult time in 2023 as he experienced breaking metacarpals in his right hand on two separate occasions. This hindered his progress in the championship but certainly did not hinder his drive to achieve.

“I am very happy to receive this scholarship from the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity and am humbled to be recognised in this way. I’m extremely grateful that I will be able to work alongside an amazing group of sports people, their knowledge and support will be invaluable to me as I continue my road racing journey next year. The grant provided will help with my training cost while overseas, benefiting me and my family a tremendous amount. Thank you to the Sport Australia Hall of Fame!” – Angus Grenfell on being selected as a 2024 Tier 3 Scholarship Holder

Honours & Achievements

  • 2024: Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship Holder
  • 2023: JuniorGP World Championship Round 1– Estoril, Portugal – 19th
  • 2022: Hawkers European Talent Cup – Round 6, Race 1, Motorland, Aragon, Spain – 22nd
  • 2021: Australian Supersport 300 Championship – Round 4 – 3rd
  • 2021: Yamaha R3 Cup (National) Round 2 – 3rd
  • 2020: Hartwell Club Championship – 1st
  • 2020: South Australian Road Racing Championship – 1st
  • 2020: Victorian Road Racing Championship – 2nd
  • 2019: Junior Clubman of the Year
  • 2019: Hartwell Club Championship – 1st
  • 2019: Victoria State Championship – 1st
  • 2019: Oceania Junior Cup Championship Series – 2nd
  • 2019: Oceania Junior Cup Round 5 – 2nd
  • 2019: Oceania Junior Cup Round 4 – 3rd
  • 2019: Oceania Junior Cup Round 3 – 2nd
  • 2019: Oceania Junior Cup Round 2 – 1st (equal)
  • 2019: Oceania Junior Cup Round 1 – 3rd
  • 2018: Australian Oil Track Masters (Junior) – 4th
  • 2018: South Australian Dirt Track Championship (Junior) – 1st
  • 2018: Victorian Dirt Track Championship (Junior) – 1st

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