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Reba Stewart has been a successful recipient of a Tier 2 Scholarship within the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship & Mentoring Program.

Reba is a Taekwondo fighter who first represented Australia in Korea at the 2015 Cadet World Championships. This was the catalyst for Reba to set her sights on working and training to be competitive at the highest level.

Continuing to represent internationally in Junior divisions 2016, 2017; Reba’s breakthrough year was 2018 when mid-year she was old enough to compete in the senior divisions.

During 2018, Reba represented Australia at seven different international tournaments, returning with two gold and two silver as Junior and one gold and one silver as a Senior. She held concurrent Oceania titles for both Senior and Junior divisions and finished the year as the highest ranked Australian in her senior weight categories for both the World and Olympic divisions.

Coming into 2019, Reba was the youngest Australian Taekwondo team member juggling her Year 12 VCE studies with high performance training and international travel for competition. Selected to represent Australia in the Oceania qualifying event for Tokyo Olympics, Reba successfully qualified the spot for Australia in February 2020.

With competitions on hold, Reba continues to focus on training hard in pursuit of top results on the world stage.

Reba speaks of her selection within the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship & Mentoring Program:
I am honoured to be a successful applicant for a SAHOF Scholarship. Feeling an equal amount of excitement and appreciation to be recognised and supported through this program, I look forward to being able to continue to focus on my training knowing that some of the heavy lifting with expenses is being taken care of. Thank you.”


Birthplace: Victoria

Nationality: Australian

Sport: Taekwondo

Disciplines: Kyorugi

First & Current Club: Halls Taekwondo

Started: 2013

Studying: Bachelor Psychological Science/Exercise and Sports Science

Favourite Quote:  “Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

Hero: Michael Jordan – he has an amazing work ethic. He trained with a focus that was to work as hard as it took to win.

Pre-comp Routine: Never looks at the draw the night before.
On comp day, always eats the same breakfast which is honey on toast and maybe some eggs on the side.
Always double checks all her fight gear and get to the comp early.
A good warm up, including running up and down and variety of drills – aim is to feel like she is already fought her first fight, that she knows she is ready to go.
Buy enough drink bottles for each fight so she has a fresh bottle every fight. Just before she goes to marshalling, must always do 1-3 sets of really fast roundhouse kicks as hard as she can.


Rankings – as at Sep 2020

Senior International: 20

Senior National: 1

Junior International: 14

Junior National: 1


Awards, Honours & Achievements

  • 2020 (2021): Tokyo Olympic Games – Debut, +67kg, 11th
  • 2020: Oceania Olympic Qualifier – Gold (Tokyo Olympic Games Qualifier, qualified the quota spot for Australia)
  • 2019: World Taekwondo World Championships – Top 16 finish
    • First World Championships as a Senior – knocked out of the comp when she lost to the world #2
  • 2019: Australian Open – Gold
    • Only Senior Australian fighter to win Gold at home Open
  • 2019: 16th Pacific Games – Gold
    • “This was mentally challenging as this event was the last of 6 competitions over 6 weeks which saw me travel over 30,000km. The conditions were hot tropical and when I arrived my luggage and equipment had not.” RS
  • 2019: Korean Open – Bronze
    • “Taekwondo originated in Korea and is the national sport. To compete there and stand on the podium was amazing.” RS


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Last updated 21/09/2020


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