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Taj Aukai Bazil Marsh is a weightlifting athlete who was awarded a Tier 3 Scholarship within the 2024 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program.

Taj is a rising star in the world of weightlifting, hailing from the captivating shores of Takapuna, New Zealand. His journey to greatness began at an early age, but it was in the picturesque region of Queensland, Noosa, Australia, where he was raised, that he discovered his true calling in weightlifting.

Taj’s career as a competitive weightlifter has been nothing short of extraordinary. His dedication and passion for the sport have led him to achieve significant success in various championships, leaving an indelible mark in weightlifting history.

Taj’s dedication and hard work have not only brought him triumph in competitions but have also led him to set several Australian National records. One of his notable records was achieved in the youth 89kg division in 2021, solidifying his place as one of Australia’s weightlifting prodigies.

Beyond his impressive accomplishments, Taj remains an inspiration to aspiring athletes. His relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with his humility and commitment to the community, sets him apart as a true sporting role model.

Taj’s journey in weightlifting is far from over, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the sport continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

 “Being a successful SAHOF Scholarship recipient is a remarkable experience. It signifies that my potential as an athlete has been recognised, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to access the scholarship program, aiding me in further developing my skills. Coming from a financially disadvantaged background, opportunities have been scarce, but I seize every chance that comes my way. As a small-town kid with grand dreams of representing my country on the biggest stage, this scholarship holds immense significance. It fuels my passion and determination to perform at my best, driving me closer to my aspirations. It may seem insignificant, but it keeps me motivated and hungry for success” – Taj Marsh on being selected as a 2024 Tier 3 Scholarship holder.

Honours & Achievements

  • 2023 QWA STATE JUNIOR Championship: Emerging victorious in his category
  • 2023 QWA STATE U23 CHAMPIONSHIPS: Earning the title of champion in his age group
  • 2022 Oceania Junior Championship: Conquering the fiercely contested 96kg category
  • 2021 Australian National Youth Championships: Securing a resounding victory in the challenging 89kg category
  • Queensland’s Youth Championships 2021: Dominating the competition and becoming the champion in the 89kg category

Social Links |Instagram: @taj.marsh | Facebook: Taj Marsh

Image Credit: Pressed Out Productions and @maddi_wu


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