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Oscar Stubbs was awarded a Tier 3 Scholarship within the 2022 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program.

Oscar was born in Penrith, NSW with Optic Neuropathy and Congenital Sensory Nystagmus, which is an eye disorder that disturbs a person’s optic sensor and leaves the sufferer with very limited, tunnel vision. Oscar, however, never let his lack of vision stop him playing the sports he loved.

Oscar competed in multiple sports from a young age including swimming – he started swimming lesson as a two-year-old and, by the age of ten, was swimming competitively and began competing in para-swimming events by the time he was 17. He also enjoyed team sports as a young child and played football (soccer) at Oakville United Ravens from the age of six and cricket for Bligh Park Cricket Club.

Despite his impaired vision, Oscar played junior representative cricket for the Hawkesbury District, alongside able-bodied teammates, and opposition, from the age of eleven until he was 16. He was selected in the Green Shield Representative team at 16, then at 17 moved into Blind Cricket and immediately secured a position in the NSW Blind Cricket team. He was part of three National Cricket Inclusion Championship (NCIC) winning teams in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and in the 2019 NCIC Championship final vs. South Australia, he combined with NSW captain, Lindsay Heaven for a record 235-run partnership. After the 2020 NCIC Grand Final win, Oscar was named Player of the Final.

It was cricket in the summer and football in the winter and played 11 years between 2007-2017 Oscar played football for the Ravens where he honed the skills that secured him a spot in the Australian Vision Impaired Football team that toured Malaysia in 2018 – where he scored his first hattrick, against the host city – and London in 2019. Oscar plays Futsal for Raiders

In 2018, Oscar was classified for swimming (S13/SB13/SM13), cricket, football, athletics and tennis (B3). After receiving his classification, Oscar began swimming as a multiclass athlete in competitions nationally. He holds multiple state and national records, has won medals, and hopes to represent Australia at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

In addition to his already long list of talents and sports, Oscar also plays; Vision Impaired Tennis for NSW and Blind AFL for St Kilda and hopes to represent Australia at the 2023 International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Games.

Away from sport, Oscar hopes to continue inspiring and encouraging young disabled athletes to take every opportunity to try new sports and challenge themselves.

“Being considered worthy of a Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship is an honour. I see the athletes who have been awarded a Scholarship before me and I’m humbled to be given the same opportunity and support by SAHOF. I am thrilled that the hard work I have put into being a successful athlete has been recognised and I am excited to be given a platform to show other people with a disability that anything is possible if you work hard towards your goals.” – Oscar Stubbs on being selected as a 2022 Tier 3 Scholarship Holder.


  • 2018: Swimming Australia National Development Squad & Swimming Para Pan Pacs, Cairns – Australian representative
  • 2018-2021: Swimming Australia National Development Squad
  • 2020: Australian Blind Cricket Squad – Australian representative
  • 2018: Toured Malaysia in Vision Impaired Football
  • 2019: Toured England in Vision Impaired Football
  • 2018: National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) – Won by NSW
  • 2018: School Swimming National Championships, NSW Team – Captain
  • 2019: National Cricket Inclusion Championships – Won by NSW
  • 2020: National Cricket Inclusion Championships – Won by NSW
  • 2020: NSW and SA Tennis State Titles – Champion with doubles partner Mick Leigh



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