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Timas Harik is an athlete who was awarded a Scholarship within the 2011 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program he was paired with David Parkin OAM as his Mentor.

Timas was born in Sudan in 1994 and came to Australia as a refugee at age eight. He was forced to flee the Nuba region of Sudan as a 4-year-old when he was separated from his family due to conflict. He caught a train from Khartoum to the River Nile, and then took a boat to Egypt. After four years in a refugee camp, he eventually secured a flight to Melbourne and was reunited with his family.

In his new home, Timas found Athletics and soon began to prosper. His potential was noted when he ran a personal best of 3:58.78 in the 1500m in 2011 and set more personal bests in the 400m and 800m between 2011 and 2015 at meets throughout Australia.

At the Australian Age Championships, Timas won the U17 800m and followed this with victory in the 1500m at the same meet. Timas also completed a degree in business and logistics at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Honours & Achievements

  • 2011: Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship Holder.
  • 2016: Melbourne F1 Race – Gold (1:53.62).
  • 2016: VMC Meet, Melbourne – 3rd (1:51.70).
  • 2016: Hunter Track Classic, Glendale – 9th (1:53.79).
  • 2016: Melbourne Shield Final – Silver (1:53.91).




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