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1976 - 2000


10/09/1966 -

Inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame as an Athlete Member in 1998 for her sport of Aerobics.

Sue Stanley has a career that lasted from 1991 to 1994 and a comeback in 2000, Sue single handedly took sport aerobics from the health clubs of Australia to the world stage when she was crowned World Sport Aerobics Champion on three consecutive occasions.

Sue began winning gold medals on the international sport aerobics stage early in 1993. Her successive wins at the International Aerobic Federation World Aerobic Championships in 1993 made her the only woman of her time to ever successfully defend a world title. Her amazing sporting achievements soared to an unparalleled level with her win in the 1994 World Aerobic Championships in Las Vegas. Her dream of becoming the only female to win three World Championships became a reality.

So dominant was Sue within sport aerobics that she was undefeated both at a national and international level for four years. Amassing an amazing 35 consecutive wins, including three World Championship titles, numerous international titles and eight Australian and national championships, Sue is undoubtedly the queen of sport aerobics both in Australia and around the world.

But Sue is not just an aerobics star, she has represented her country at the highest level in four different sports. As a child she began her sporting career at the Australian Institute of Sport in the Australian gymnastic team, later turning her talents to water-skiing and was able to represent Australia in 1988. Then in November 2000 at the Olympia World Championship, Stanley, after a five-year retirement from all international sport, stunned the sporting world by winning gold and becoming the 2000 Ms Fitness World Champion.


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