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30/05/1957 -

In an international career spanning nine years, Heidi Wittesch won four world powerlifting championships and set nine world records. She also set 34 Commonwealth records and 32 Australian records, winning six Australian championships.

The first of Heidi’s world titles was in Sweden, 1985 where she won the 75kg division. The second came a year later in 1986 in Austria where she won the 67½kg division. Her third title was in 1988 in Belgium, again winning the 75kg division. Her final world title was won in 1989 where she won the 82½kg division. In addition to those gold medals, she won three world championship silver medals; 1981 in Hawaii 60kg, 1982 in Birmingham 67½kg, and 1983 in Adelaide 67½kg, and two bronze medals; 1980 in Boston 60kg, and in 1987 in Perth 67½kg.

Heidi thus achieved the ultimate in excellence with a regularity that makes her outstanding amongst Australian sportswomen.

As well as her success, her stage presence and public image did much to promote the acceptance of women’s involvement in weight-training and strength sports.


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